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Magnets Case Study - Educating New Staff


A global corporation was launching a new travel card and needed to educate their staff about key phone numbers and dates. They had used emails and printed material to provide that information previously, but with all of the emails that their employees needed to digest everyday the new product got lost in the shuffle. The company needed a strategy to get the information on the desks and minds of their staff globally.



Create a simple, practical quick reference guide with a magnet. The employees originally liked it because it was useful to hold papers and notes to their filing cabinets, but they quickly came to appreciate it for the easy access to information it provided. Important toll-free numbers and dates were always at hand and they were able to direct incoming clients to the right resources quickly.



The custom magnets were a big success, the employees found them easy to use and the prospective customers were consistently given the right information. This was a simple and effective solution that many companies can benefit from. Design a custom magnet for use with your team internally, or as a great giveaway to new or existing customers. 

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