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Tattoos Case Study - Generating Buzz at a Large Event


A well-known soft drink company was marketing a new product at a large event. The goal was to promote their new soft drink through product sampling, and to reinforce the specialty brand with a fun and inexpensive giveaway. They also wanted to drive more traffic to their tasting stations, by having the new promo item visible on people leaving their stations.


Based on their needs, we recommended Waterless Tattoos. They were a great choice because the easy, mess-free application meant the company didn’t need to hire additional people to put the tattoos on. Ultimately, this made them cheaper and more effective than regular tattoos.

They also preferred the waterless tattoos because they didn’t want their logo to appear as a reverse image, as required for a standard temporary tattoo. The client ordered 100,000 tattoos for this 10-day event, but ran out after only 4 days – this, in turn, caused a dramatic decrease in traffic to their tasting stations.


The client realized quickly that not only were the waterless tattoos a fantastic giveaway item, but as an easy to apply product everyone was choosing to wear them. This generated greater traffic and product awareness. The positive results meant that this has become a go-to product for the client. In future orders they were just careful to make sure they had enough to go around!


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