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4 Top Selling Trade Show Products

Whether you offer business to business solutions or sell direct to consumers, industry trade shows can be an important point of contact. It’s a great way to reconnect with existing customers and raise awareness to new prospects. Depending on your Trade Show objectives you want want to increase booth traffic, boost sales or both. The right promotional products can catch the attention of people passing by and be a conversation started. Ideally, you want to offer products that are not only eye-catching but also practical. You may not make the sale same day, but if you give a useful, attractive product it is more likely to land in the homes and offices of your target audience. We’re here to help you get the most out of your trade show promotions, here are are a few ideas to get you started:

Remember that any successful Trade Show marketing campaign starts with a plan. Think about who your audience is and what will appeal to them, then brainstorm with your team your top 3 ideas. Look for ways to build rapport with activities or contests. Always make sure your branding is clear and it’s easy for your prospective customers to get in touch or learn more about your business on the web.

  • 1 Waterless Tattoos – Perfect for consumer trade shows, get instant engagement and a walking billboard! It becomes a talking point for other visitors and you’re likely to get a few referrals as a result. Go for a bright, creative design. Easy, no-mess application.
  • 2Gripper Mouse Pads – A premium product that people are sure to remember. The thin, lightweight design makes this useful item easy to hand out and easy to accept.
  • 3Clothing Stickers – Another way to get people engaged. Consider turning it into a short contest or activity, get them to guess the answer to a question about your product or industry. Instant conversation, and they have a fun takeaway.
  • 4Sticky Note Pads / Scratch Pads / Go Anywhere Pads – Choose a bold cover design to get people to take notice. Ensure that clients remember you each time they make a note of something

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