Using Custom Sticky Note Calendars in Staff Welcome Packages


One of our clients was experiencing rapid growth within their company and was struggling with the client on-boarding process. They were in the process of developing support material, but wanted a practical and easy to use channel to educate and orient new staff.


After consulting with our product specialists it was clear that a tear-off calendar was an ideal choice. It provided a large printable area to include relevant information, but also had a practicality that meant most new staff would keep it on their desk.

These calendars were included as part of the ‘welcome package’ to the company. Each month showcased a different product offering, building product awareness. Important business dates were highlighted, as were key monthly and yearly notifications. Creative content was taken from current media and advertising collateral, helping employees understand key aspects of active media campaigns.


The staff appreciated having a simple go-to place to get basic information about the various product offerings and be reminded of important dates. The campaign was a success and the client decided to re-order different variations for office-wide distribution next year. A great high value solution.

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