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4 Awesome Products that your Sports Team will get Excited About

Building team spirit at the beginning of the season is essential for bonding the players and getting everyone working together. Choosing the right promotional products can help you start the game season on the right foot and get your team excited. Consider vinyl decals with your team logo for the player's helmets and waterless tattoos for the crowd. Here are a few more in-depth ideas:

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4 Top Selling Trade Show Products

Whether you offer business to business solutions or sell direct to consumers, industry trade shows can be an important point of contact. It’s a great way to reconnect with existing customers and raise awareness to new prospects. Depending on your Trade Show objectives you want want to increase booth traffic, boost sales or both. The right promotional products can catch the attention of people passing by and be a conversation started. Ideally, you want to offer products that are not only eye-catching but also practical. You may not make the sale same day, but if you give a useful, attractive product it is more likely to land in the homes and offices of your target audience. We’re here to help you get the most out of your trade show promotions, here are are a few ideas to get you started:

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What are your four best trade show products and why?

When it comes to creating promotional campaigns for students, teachers and parents, choose items that are immediately useful and fun. Start by thinking about what students typically need, for example, bookmarks, notepads, calendars. Then add an exciting twist with a unique or colourful design, something to catch their eye and brighten their first day back. It also means one less item mom and dad need to buy, making them happy too. Not everything needs to be practical though, sometimes the best promo items are those that surprise and delight. Our tattoos and clothing stickers can be a great way to put a smile on student’s face. As well as thinking about promotional products for students, consider what you can give to the teachers, or mom and dad. It’s a busy time of year for them too, consider showing your appreciation with a practical giveaway they can use all year like our Sticky Note Calendar.


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