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Debit cover with 1/2" removable adhesive strip

The easy to apply and remove cover for your debit machine.
A clear plastic protective sheet with 1/2” strip of removable adhesive on the top.
Easy to apply, remove, and replace for each customer. 2.9375” x 5” fits standard debit machines like the one pictured.

Sold by the roll - 6 roll minimum


Our virtual sample designer allows you to create virtual samples that you can email directly to your customer with the option of adding you own logo.

Price Chart

Product Code Shape 6 12 24 48
DC-529375 - 2.9375” x 5” Rectangle $73.45 $66.10 $58.75 $52.42

How to use the Debit Covers

  • These Debit Covers are not meant to cover the complete terminal
  • They are meant to cover the keypad (customer touch area)
  • Associate to peel from top corner
  • Apply to terminal ensuring keypad (customer area) is covered
  • Associate to remove from the top and dispose

Product: Clear plastic sheet with 1/2" adhesive strip on the top

Imprint Options: N/A

Product Notes: 500 LPR on 3" cores, 6 roll minimum


Can be used on but not limited to the following terminals

  • IPP315    
  • IPP320
  • IPP350    
  • LANE/5000
  • MOVE/5000
  • iWL220
  • iWL250
  • iWL255
  • ICT 220
  • ICT250
  • VX805    

How it works

1. Select your size

2. Select your quantity & enter postal code

3. Get your free estimate

Starting at:
LS01/LS02 - 2.5" x 4.25"
Debit Covers

Debit Covers

Quick video on what are Debit Covers are and how to use them
Watch the video…
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