A Stick-it-Anywhere Success Story


A distributor approached us with a customer that had been giving away fridge magnets as part of their promotions every year. The client was looking for a new idea for a promo item that could be placed prominently in people’s homes and ensure they had the client’s business info at their fingertips.


Our Premiums Plus team went to the drawing board to see what they could come up with. At the time, there was nothing else that could be applied to a home refrigerator and be removed and re-applied easily. Traditional stickers wouldn’t work because many people were wary of putting them on their shiny new appliances. As a result, our team developed an innovative new product - the Stick it Anywhere. The name says it all - they will stick to virtually any surface, but can also be removed and re-applied without leaving any residue. They remain sticky, even after being moved or repositioned many times. The Stick-it-Anywhere can be produced with a Gloss finish, Matte finish, or Chalkboard finish. Our client chose the Chalkboard finish. 


The end user introduced the Stick-It-Anywhere Chalkboard to new and existing customers and the response was fantastic. Their customers were intrigued by the novelty and usefulness of the Stick-It-Anywhere.

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