Back to school ideas

What are your four best trade show products and why?

When it comes to creating promotional campaigns for students, teachers and parents, choose items that are immediately useful and fun. Start by thinking about what students typically need, for example, bookmarks, notepads, calendars. Then add an exciting twist with a unique or colourful design, something to catch their eye and brighten their first day back. It also means one less item mom and dad need to buy, making them happy too. Not everything needs to be practical though, sometimes the best promo items are those that surprise and delight. Our tattoos and clothing stickers can be a great way to put a smile on student’s face. As well as thinking about promotional products for students, consider what you can give to the teachers, or mom and dad. It’s a busy time of year for them too, consider showing your appreciation with a practical giveaway they can use all year like our Sticky Note Calendar.

  • 1Sticky Note Calendars – Help students and parents keep track of school events, sports games, exams and holidays! Have the calendar start go from September to September and give students a place to keep track of all homeworks and assignment due dates.
  • 2Magnetic Bookmarks – Stay on the right page with our magnetic bookmarks. They never fall out and are perfect for novels, textbooks and even notebooks. The large 9” x 2” style gives you lots of room to create a fun design.
  • 3Magnets - A great giveaway for special programs, like “arrive safe” and other hotlines. Also an ideal promo item for event and activity centers to give away to teachers.
  • 4Clothing stickers - A fun way to brighten anyone’s day. Go for a colourful, unique design, or keep it simple and let students write their name and class. Perfect for school field trips.
  • 5Go Anywhere Pads – Stick them to your dorm room door, desk, wall, shelf and always have a notepad handy.
  • 6Waterless Tattoos - Rally support at your next school sports event or club meet with these easy to apply, mess-free waterless tattoos. Choose a stock shape or get them die-cut in the shape of your mascot!



Often, business owners will skip back to school season if they feel their products or services aren’t immediately applicable. In many cases, with a little creative thinking, you can develop an effective promo campaign as well. For example, offering “healthy school lunch ideas” or “healthy eating tips” on a notepad can be a great way to promote your restaurant or food business to busy families. Parents and teachers also love back to school promotions and giveaways from hair salons, gyms and spas.

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